Is Cloudflare Pro Faster Than Cloudflare Free?

Apakah cloudflare pro edition lebih cepat dibandingkan dengan cloudflare free edition? Apparently not, setidaknya itu kata perwakilan cloudflare (Damon Billian, Cloudflare Community Evangelist) di salah satu thread diskusi yang kami temukan.

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James Huff: “Cloudflare does give you a CDN for free, but I have found it to be slower than most CDNs, unless you pay for Cloudflare Pro at $20/month.”

damoncloudflare: The performance of the CDN actually doesn’t depend on the pricing plan (the basic CDN offered is the same for all customers).

Paid plans do have more advanced optimization and security features, however, so that would really be the difference for speed (image optimization & the Web Application Firewall are the key differences).

James Huff: Interesting, I was going by where free is “Fast site performance” and $20/month is “Faster site performance.”

Must have been a placebo effect or the image optimization for me. Thanks for clarifying!

damoncloudflare: Understandable :) No worries.


Cloudflare Ticket 976998


Hello :)

Will upgrading from Pro to Business plan make my CDN faster? Often times, the download speed is so slow in working hours.

Do business plan’s servers and networks differs from Pro/Free plans?

Travis R. (CloudFlare) May 12, 12:58 AM

Hello, thanks for contacting CloudFlare support.

For the most part, our CDN network is the same across plans. There are a few differences, but you wouldn’t likely see a huge change in speed just by switching plans. This will vary depending on your exact location/ISP, however.

Other settings/tweaks are usually more helpful, and we can work with you to see where there’s room for improvement.

Which pages are slow/can you provide a HAR that demonstrates the issue from your location?

–Travis Raines

Cloudflare Ticket 444258


What does this mean ? → No matter how heavy your server load is, your traffic will never slow down. CloudFlare prioritizes requests for Pro customers’ websites for maximum performance.

Does is mean Pro user will get access to nearer data center under high load?

Say, our visitors is from Indonesia, nearest data center is singapore, japan / hong kong, under singapore pop high load, will pro user stay served from singapore, free user served from hong kong / tokyo?

Luke Overend
June 09, 2015 23:06


Yes it does.


Luke Overend


I see….

I have pro and free domains with cloudflare, visitors mainly from Indonesia, nearest data center is Singapore.

So under high load in singapore data center, then :

[1] my pro domain will be served from Singapore (prioritized)

[2] my free domain will be served from Hong Kong / Tokyo.

Does it work like that?

Luke Overend
June 09, 2015 23:17


It can do. When we see that a data centre has a lot of traffic and we need to reduce the load we would remove free traffic from that data centre. This doesn’t happen too often.


Luke Overend

Cloudflare Ticket 1205865

Does Pro users are being placed in different servers (better hardware / better network) apart from free users?

Frank C
Sep 16, 9:44 PM BST


To your other question , CloudFlare does not provide hosting, however we do provide security services and a global CDN service. There are no ” older ” servers or hardware here. We do prioritize traffic for our pro customers, but that is not a matter of quality of equipment, but priority of traffic. We keep pace with the technology that delivers the best web experience for all of our customers.

If you have any more questions, simply reply to this email and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for contacting CloudFlare.

Kind Regards,

Frank C.

Is Cloudflare’s Paid Pro Plan Worth It? Speed Test Results

I’ve set the graph lines to be quite thin to allow you to better see the difference, as the results are so close any thicker lines unfortunately cover the other line from view. As the tests ran every 5 minutes over a 24 hour period, we have 288 total data points.

Cloudflare Free vs Cloudflare Pro






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