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Fethead Inline Preamp

EIN Noise floor sekitar -130 dB, very low noise — Julian Krause, ref, ref

[-132 dB] I have done my best to level match channels using a pink noise generator. I use an SM7b, a Mogami Gold XLR cable, and the Focusrite 18i20 (same preamps as the 2i2 2nd gen) … The difference that I measured was approximately 4.2dB quieter when utilizing the fethead. … 18i20 has an Equivalent Input Noise of -128dBA, so if the EIN of your interface is lower, for example -130dBA, the benefit would be less noticeable (about a 2dB improvement of the noisefloor), but if your interface’s EIN is -125dBA, you could expect an even more noticeable improvement (around 7dB improvement of the noise floor — Bandrew, podcastage.com/rev/micactivatornoise

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen

EIN Noise floor -128 dBu (A-weighted), gain 56dB.

SOLO: No you don’t need to use Cloud Lifter / FetHead, the EIN is already ultra low — Julian Krause, https://youtu.be/VSgzF79ivd0?t=418

2i2: Bandrew test noise -106 dB saat no gain, -78.3 dB saat max gain.

If you’re looking for an interface for your home studio and you’re on a budget, this is one of the best options for you. I do spoken word tests, noise floor tests, latency tests, and guitar tests, and it passes with flying colors on all tests — Bandrew, https://youtu.be/b7wwjHnT6WE

Audient iD4 / iD14

Official: -126 dB Mic Pre EIN, 58db Mic Pre Gain. Class A mic pre, AKM AD/DA Converter.

Bandrew test noise -110 dB saat no gain, -85.5 dB saat max gain. This may be my new favorite entry level interface on the market — Bandrew, https://youtu.be/jSkzU05T38o

Official: -127 dB Mic Pre EIN, 66db Mic Pre Gain. Class A mic pre, Burr Brown Converter. Bagus sekali suaranya, cek https://soundcloud.com/audientworld/sets/id14-mic-pre-noise-comparison

Professional Says:

Big step up from stuff that you would find from like Focusrite interfaces, Behringer interfaces — Consordini, youtu.be/g0cZZHMozEM?t=90

Fabulous sounding preamp that have clean and clear sound even at extremely high gain setting — The Inventory, youtu.be/RUywMOqYZY0?t=145

[vs Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen] If you got a little bit extra money the Audient is definitely worth the $300 that you’ll be spending on it (4:15) The Audient is a superb audio interface! Delivering some high quality audio, honestly if you can get one then you should (Comment) — Podcast.co, youtu.be/zadX6vtghuY?t=258

[vs Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen] These preamps are some of the best I’ve ever tried… The detail you get is just insane! … The sound quality of the Audient iD14 is far superior to the one of the Scarlett 2i2, … The preamps sound extraordinary, and I have to admit that the overall recording quality is better than the one of the Scarlett 2i2… Way better!… I think that there’s a clear winner here which is the Audient iD14 … the difference in sound quality is pretty noticeable — Facundo Arceo (The Home Recording)

… we wanted to push the iD44 even further and to do this we implemented Parallel Analog to Digital Conversion. In the iD44, we have used a technique called Channel Summation to allow for lower noise and an increased dynamic range. In basic terms, for each input, we use two converters, sum the two outputs together and then average out the data from the two ADC’s.

As the two ADC’s are receiving identical inputs, when the two outputs are summed together the signal power will increase by a factor of 2, or simply be doubled as you would probably expect. However the noise added during the conversion stage will be random in nature (as noise tends to be) and the noise outputs of the convertor will therefore be dissimilar from each other at the point of summing.

Because the noise signals aren’t alike, when the signals are summed together you don’t get a magnitude increase of x 2. Instead, an increase of 1.414 is seen due to a mathematical concept known as a Root Sum Square. As the signal power increases by 2 but the noise floor only effectively increases by 1.414, an increase in signal noise to noise ratio is seen, which in turn, increases the dynamic range of the ADC.

This is shown in the massively exaggerated diagram below:


Audient audio performance in full — clean, transparent and dynamic with just a touch of character. The analogue input noise floor is also impressively low, and stays that way right up until the gain pots reach the final few degrees of their +60dB rotation … Somewhat unusually for a unit in the iD44’s price range, its impressive audio performance comes to our ears via digital converters from two different manufacturers — AKM for the A‑D and Cirrus Logic for the D‑A … the iD44 sounds good, delivers an exemplary audio performance and has a price that appears to me to offer very good value for money — Sound on Sound

I hope you will agree that having listened to the recorded audio files the iD44 sounds stunning and for a small unit (27.5 x 18.7cm) it really does pack an audio punch … It feels very much like recording with my 24 channel Audient console, but in many ways without the hassle — Pro Tools Expert

Solid State Logic SSL2/SSL2+

Noise floor -130.5 dB EIN dan 62 dB gain, sangat besar sekali
AKM AD/DA Converters

SSL has utilised AKM technology, to achieve 24bit/192khz conversions that sound about as clean as you can get … The noise floor is incredibly low and whilst recording very quiet sounds through a microphone, the noise floor was barely audible. The preamps brought out a quality in sounds I couldn’t get while using other interfaces of the same price range [MixDownMag]

When adjusting the input gain, it delivers a slight, signature SSL coloration in tone. However, its audio quality remains very clean the entire time as well [AllThingsGear]

Bandrew Noise Test: -105 LUFS min (prnt.sc/t1g2d2), -70.1 max (prnt.sc/t1g3k7)

Arturia Audiofuse

Untuk hasil yg lebih mantap lagi, ada yg nilai EIN-nya lebih rendah, yaitu Arturia Audiofuse. Preamp DiscretePRO® milik Arturia sangat rendah level noisenya, yaitu di angka EIN -131.5 dB, dengan total gain hingga 72 dB

Bandrew Noise Test: -110 dB min (prnt.sc/t1g5ec), -74.5 dB max (prnt.sc/t1g5wr)

Today I walkthrough, explain, and review the Arturia 8-Pre. This device has some of the best preamps in an audio interface that I’ve ever come across — Bandrew, https://youtu.be/3EExY_OMxDg

Julian Krause Measurement

Fethead: -130 dBu
Referensi: youtu.be/-lKSfdEMjm8, youtu.be/T8HwNnJAjbQ

M-Audio Air 192|4: -131.1 dBu (murah)
Referensi: youtu.be/R-q41YOSl_Q

Audient iD4: -130 dBu
NI Komplete Audio 2: -129 dBu
Behringer UMC202HD: -129 dBu (murah)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen): -128 dBu
Behringer UMC22: -128 dBu
Behringer UM2: -127 dBu
Steinberg UR22 MKII: -123 dBu
Zoom H5: -120 dBu
Referensi: youtu.be/tUXIsOg1Oi0

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen): -129.2 dBu
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen): -128.2 dBu
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen): -128.1 dBu
Referensi: youtu.be/Jg6RZZBS9ls, youtu.be/VSgzF79ivd0

Steinberg UR22C: -123.3 dBu
Referensi: youtu.be/PSa27hkj3G8?t=508

Haryo‘s Verdict

Lihat Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, pada saat 0% gain short term LUFS ada di angka -106 dBu. Min -106 dBu, max -78.3 dBu.
Referensi: prnt.sc/ssot68, youtu.be/b7wwjHnT6WE?t=284

Lihat Audient iD4, pada saat 75% gain short term LUFS ada di angka -106 dBu. Min -110 dBu, max -85.5 dBu.
Referensi: prnt.sc/ssp4gw, youtu.be/jSkzU05T38o?t=237

Perlu beli audio interface yg bagus walau sudah punya Fethead? Yeah. Karena Fethead cuman nambah 27 dB, habis dari Fethead tetap






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